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Conergy Develops Australia’s First 1MW Solar Power Plant in the Northern Territory

The solar parks in the remote communities of Ti Tree, Kalkarindgi and Lake Nash have lead the way in creating a sustainable future for the Northern Territory. The Conergy project was the first of its kind in Australia and generates up to 1MW of solar power distributed over three sites, run in conjunction with wind turbines. The solar parks were an important part of initiating the transition from the remote NT Community’s heavy reliance on diesel power.

The giant solar plant is located across three aboriginal communities relative to primary urban centres in the Northern Territory. Ti Tree Community: Approximately 200km North of Alice Springs and 314 kilometres South of Tennant Creek on the Stuart Highway, Kalkarindgi Community: Approximately 480km South West of Katherine on the Buntine Highway and Lake Nash Community: Approximately 550km from Tenant Creek.

On a total area of 18,000m2 the solar park produces approximately 1,680,000 kWh of clean energy each year. As a result, a total of 230 local households benefit from this reliable and environmentally friendly source of energy and at the same time save up to 1,200,000kg of CO2 yearly. This means residents can draw 80% of their electricity to conduct activities such as boiling water or watching news - all supplied by the sun.