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Lakeland’s journey to energy security is almost finished with all panels and construction complete.

The Lakeland Solar & Storage Project is waiting on the delivery of the battery system and the system’s air conditioned housing.

This will signal that the project is almost ready to store the electricity it produces.

Once the battery system arrives safely in its new home, a series of tests will need to be carried out to ensure all the components are working properly and their integration into the grid is going smoothly.

Christopher West, Managing Director of Conergy said there was a growing sense of anticipation within Conergy and the Lakeland region.

“We’re so close to completion and Conergy is really looking forward to delivering the Lakeland Solar & Storage Project for the people of the region,” he said.

“It’s Australia’s first utility-scale solar and battery project to connect to the very fringe of the Australian energy grid, and will supply reliable energy for the surrounding region.

“The reliability of renewable energy projects has been a hot topic since the South Australian blackouts in September last year and this battery storage technology is one way of addressing those.

“People are excited about the project and its progress.

“I’ve spoken to Fairfax and the ABC about the Lakeland Solar & Storage project, and following the ABC interview, we have had numerous enquiries from people looking to invest in the renewable energy sector.”

The battery system housing has arrived in Lakeland and the batteries are expected to be in place toward the end of June.

The project will be ready to begin operation at the end of June, once testing is complete.

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Conergy Australia
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