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Technology and Service Offering

Conergy Australia has the capability to plan and deliver multi-megawatt solar projects. Deploying solutions with uncompromising quality and expert in-house engineering, Conergy designs and installs customised solar solutions for large commercial, utility and industrial applications that generate real commercial value for our clients and lower energy operating costs.

The Conergy technology and service offering includes investment profitability and long service life of each Conergy solar project. The Conergy team provides a comprehensive solar solution covering all aspects of the engineering, planning and construction stages. We have more than 17 years experience in solar projects worldwide, giving our specialists extensive knowledge and hands-on practicalities, coupled with our proven expertise with financing institutions, energy supply companies and other business partners. Conergy offers tailored financial solutions that include finance leases, chattel mortgages and rental/operating leases. Our Operations and Maintenance division provide regular monitoring and documentation on the cost efficiency of your solar system using our Monitoring Centre, as well as regular inspections and maintenance.

Conergy Australia
Conergy Australia
Solar energy is a long-term investment, so it’s vital when considering a supplier that you chose one that has the financial resources, experience and proven history of success. Conergy Australia is such a company. We are an integrated solar energy solution and service provider with an impeccable record of delivering